Mallik Arjun Ahilan

My journey of life started in Coimbatore, a city in southern part of India and my journey into arts and painting began at a very young age. The sights and sounds of my birth place was often captured through vibrant colors in a lovely engaging style which later instigated my interest to major in painting.

Following my schooling, I did a year in textile designing later moving to Singapore where I studied at the Lasalle college of the arts. I then continued my journey in arts by joining the prestigious, Savannah college of art and design, where I pursued BFA in Painting. I have a keen eye for detail and especially enjoy the Rembrandt style of painting.

Watercolor is my favorite medium however I enjoy sketching portraits, painting oil on canvas and often take inspiration from everyday life including seascapes, landscapes, street scenes, urban views and so on thereby trying to freeze time as I experience it.

I have attended several art exhibitions and had the honor to present my work at some great shows both individually and in collaboration with senior artists both in India and abroad. My latest exhibit was at the Louvre Museum, Paris last year.

I also enjoy music, travel and yoga. Off late my interest is inclined towards art therapy and I truly believe that “In our culture, there is a job for Art as we cannot experience reality anywhere else”.