Sophie Ashdown Coady

Striking abstract paintings exploring movement and texture. Art that gets people talking. Over the past 20 years I have continued to develop a style full of patterns, lines, and blocks of colour. My original degree is in Film which may be why my pieces have a certain flow to them. I’m fascinated by patterns I see in nature such as feathers on a peacock or the underside of a portobello mushroom. I am also drawn to man-made patterns such as tire treads, city maps, or metal fencing.

I like to explore shapes using a concise colour palette, and let the image grow as I continue to work. Recently I’ve developed my own painting technique which you can see in my newer pieces. My intention is to create paintings that make you stop and consider a piece for a period of time, and want to talk about it with the person standing next to you. I want my portfolio to be full of art that gets people talking. I’m fascinated to know what you have to say.

Instagram: @sashstarco