Gaye Daniels

Growing up in an artistic environment, Gaye spent many years drawing and painting, but it was several years later, in 1996, that she finished an art and music degree as a mature student.

Gaye’s work is mostly painterly, abstract, contemporary and Impressionist inspired art working in acrylic paint on canvas, board and wood. She mainly uses bold, loose strokes, using a brush but happy to use beer mats, broken rulers or objects that will help her achieve what she’s trying to do. Her love of colour and the imagination of how a painting can transform allows her to start with an idea or image, play around with it and then let it take its own journey. She looks for colours when needing inspiration and mostly finds that in flowers and landscapes.

Her influences are the Post-Impressionists particularly Cezanne, Fauvism and Cubism.

Gaye exhibits in London, Hertfordshire and the South of France.