Shirley-Ann Dixon

Shirley-Ann Dixon is a London based artist whose studio work is in transition.  Previously, she studied constructed textiles at the Royal College of Art and practiced as a designer-maker. 

Over the last 6 years, Shirley-Ann has been emerging as a visual artist.  She uses a variety of media in the specialisms of drawing, painting and printmaking, to express experiences of landscapes in the UK, as well as those that are alternative or of other worlds.

Important aspects of Shirley-Ann’s work are the exploration of line, tone, colour, texture and the act of mark-making, in order to depict a particular landscape.  The quality and interpretation of light also informs her compositions.  

Shirley-Ann embraces elements of realism and abstraction in an attempt to evoke an emotional or mystical encounter of the landscape.  

Instagram: @studio123wimbledonarts