A fine artist and fashion designer from San Francisco, California, Jason received his Bachelor of Fine art degree from one of the United States most prestigious and private art schools, the San Francisco Art Institute. He comes from a family of artists, scientists and engineers.

As a youth Jason was also very plugged into the movements of the 80’s and 90’s Hip-hop and skateboarding scene.

Jason has evolved a dynamic, visually explosive style, which incorporates the fundamentals of painting as well as the use of various found objects and random materials he appropriates into art objects. A lifetime of art exploration, and travel, has helped his style mature into a form, which he playfully labels, “abstract expressionism for dummies”. 

“My interests rely more on color, emotion and form rather than ready to read subject matter. I’m really concerned with the relationships between softness and beauty. Life is already difficult – why should art be the same? No matter the medium I chose to work in, the problem remains the same, how to capture the fantasy and imagination of the artistic third eye and bring these thoughts and ideas into reality. Something beautiful, say the smell of lavender candles my mother gave me as a child and how to represent this idea as emotion in a work of art.” 

“It’s about the creative process and seeing an idea to completion. The only difference for me, are the tools I use to create clothing versus my “art”. Materials or the medium used to create said works are not so important for me. The important thing is the completed product and the connection between the viewer or person, who is wearing something I made. 

For me the artist is not so important either. Of course we create the works from our experiences and Ideology, but there must be a genuine connection between Art, fashion and the public. Basically I am the messenger, and I hope people receive and enjoy the messages I deliver to them.”

Jason currently resides in Vienna, Austria and has recently completed his second clothing collection, under the Label Jason LaMont.