Suz Hartman

She has always had a passion for combining a variety of different texture and materials. Her work springs out of an excitement about the present and an equally strong impulse to embed and reconfigure elements physically taken from past pieces. She will boldly tear into existing pieces, collaging and layering the old with the new, giving her work a free, dynamic and powerful freshness. It is this re-configuring of past experiences, moments in a personal history recorded and expressed through drawings and paintings, that has become pivotal to her practice. 
Suz Hartman studied ‘visual communication’ at Bath Academy of Art and then moved to Basel, Switzerland where she studied at postgraduate level under Professor Amin Hoffmann. She spent a great deal of time abroad and, on returning to the UK, joined the Royal College of Art Drawing and Painting Studio. Of Central European parents, born in England, Suz understands the meaning of hybridity and mixing of culture. This background has contributed to a sensitive approach and emotional freedom in her work. She is a full-time artist