Alexander, William

William is a London based artist who graduated from UCE in 2001. He has worked and exhibited in UK, Europe, and USA. Always a painter, he also works in sculpture and performance art. Performing at the Venice Biennale in 2017 in a Cardboard Gondola, and time  spent in 2021 at Trinity Buoy Wharf, as an Artist in residence, led to a focus on these places, particularly humanities ability to master transition between land and water. Studying at the royal drawing school in 2023 and having a young family, have led to a recent focus on possible narratives of a child’s journey. William strives for a flexibility and openness in the painting process. A composition evolves through premeditation, and a journey of discovery. The artists vision has to be found in the painting process. The paintings develop through a circular evolution of abstract mark-making, magical realist description, and painterly expression. Memory and imagination are crucial elements, in the building of the pictures, and particularly how the memory of an existing painting can influence how a lived or imagined experience can be painted. A balance between Flow and Disruption is crucial. Disruption of one type of painting with another, provides a catalyst for a new element of flow. The results are quite personal, mental explorations and emotional terrains left on the physical space of the canvas.
Instagram: @WilliamAlexanderstudio