Akitntola, Lakin

A London based mixed media artist, born in 1970, in the hilly countryside of Nigeria, Lakin spent his childhood in admiration of all the rugged beauties only nature could offer. The simplicity of life in such rural African setting and the vibrant cultural richness of its people played some vital roles in the artist’s earliest understanding and interpretation of art and culture. It is no wonder then that even today, as the artist tries to engage his audience, the inspiration for his works often comes from nature itself and from the hidden treasures in the faces of the people we meet and the things we often brush aside.
As an artist Lakin believes that by exploring the world around us and by treating every captured moments of our lives as raw sketches for masterpieces yet unfinished it is possible to find peace / tranquility amidst the chaos of the modern world.
Although an adept painter, Lakin’s recent works explore the versatility of African textiles when infused into various fabrics from cultures across the world. Through his unique fabrics experiments the artist presents us thoughts provoking artworks made from materials already rich in patterns, colours, and histories. Although Lakin obtained a bachelor’s degree in animal science from the Obafemi Awolowo University (Nigeria) and a nursing degree from University of Brighton (UK) the self-taught artist has spent the last thirty years showcasing his works in many galleries and exhibitions around the world.