Askoy, Sezin

In her last series of work, Transit, Sezin Aksoy is concerned about the modern society’s need to neuteralize duality of emotions under the pressure of time and space by studying the traditional spiritual quests in Shamanism to present them a tranquil environment of true nature. In her small size paintings in Transit series, she is studying the cramped limited cosmopolitan space, where humans forget their true reality and humans’ need of connecting with nature and its healing forces. However, by creating a unique space within nature’s spirit through traditional quests; modern society may remember balance, peace and harmony of one’s true self transformation. Her use of empty space and cut out images reminds us how humans are cut out from nature itself in modern society and how much colors, ligts and natures healing energy that they need in order to survive. The images are reminding us todays advertisements, pop culture in a sense to motivate the gazer to stop and think about lifes empiteness in itself. 

Sezin Aksoy is presenting us with Animal Medicine, and natures partnership with true self awareness.

Under Transit, every each gazer will change harmful emotions of stress to uplifting healing emotions by remembering true self in traditional quest of shamanic Animal Medicine. Every chosen color in Sezin Aksoy’s work is representing human emotions under color healing. On the other hand, every chosen form of animal has a symbolic meaning in spirituality. Thus, they emphasise the need of self awareness through symbols, forms and colour through her use of light.
Instagram: @aksoy.sezin