Avais, Mehreen

A Mixed Media Intuitive Artist.
Art came to me as a gift. I worked as a  digital graphics designer for more than 15 years.  A Professional Multimedia Designer switched to Mixed Media, as I always wished to touch and feel my digital art works, that turned into a passion for Mixed Media.

I am inspired by Mother Nature, Universe or “The Divine”. Being Intuitive person I found arts as a “Therapy”, the most impressive way to express yourself without words.  It’s my passion, an inner call of my Soul! I paint my dreams and Intuitions…. Always trying to put creativity and Innovation to a next level…
I enjoy playing with textures and clay, most of my work is based on Resin Abstract Art, Sculpture Floral Painting, Collage, 3D Calligraphy, Decorative Art, Geode Art, Acrylic Paintings and Resin Sculptures.  My first trainer during internship was NCA graduate Artist, Mustafa Saeed, his words are always encouraging for me…

“I love the way you play with textures, your work directly communicates with the senses. One thing I’ve noticed, your personality has no place for any sort of complex. You have your own style which you do not want to get influenced by any other. Your work depicts the fundamentals of eastern taste which gives it its uniqueness. Love it.”