Ballinger, Susanne

Susanne was born in Germany and has been in the UK since 1999. She graduated from the University of Northampton with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art (2014), followed by a Masters in Fine Art (2015). During her time at uni she embraced all that the courses had to offer: the print room, 3D and sculpture, drawing, photography and the library for artistic research.
In her studio practice, Susanne has been mainly focusing on works on canvas and paper. Some of them are done with oil sticks and water based paint and are either geometrical looking or very loose, combining a process based practice that continually rethink and challenge the boundaries of traditional painting. They are hybrids of recognisable surfaces that hang in the balance of abstraction and reality, exploring a variety of surfaces, textures and colours.
The opposing impulses of creation and destruction mark the touchstone of her work, where the viewer can just make out the colours underneath before they become painted over, in what is like moving between dualities – creation and destruction, fluidity and starkness. Her most recent paintings are led by the texture of the materials she uses, such as paints, pigments, water and moulding paste on canvas. They are gestural and intuitive and made without a brush. The touch of the hand remains clearly evident, but the works gain energy through the collaborations they make with one another in unpredictable formations, after the hand has left the surface.