Baron, Maite

Maite Baron is a Spanish-British artist living in London. Having begun her career in high-end fashion, follow by interior design, and then self-development, she brings intellectual rigor to her mixed media impasto art. From a purely artistic point of view, she started as a printmaker and then moved to abstract painting while doing an Artist in Residence Programme at the Kensington & Chelsea College and training in mixed media painting at Central Saint Martins University of the Arts in London, which allowed her to bring all her interests and life experiences together.

Her work results from a process of automatism where she draws inspiration from her partner’s poems, nature, fashion, interiors, travels, memories, dreams and everyday experiences, engaging memory and imagination with the contemporary. Her bold imagery emphasises texture, colour and mark making, revealing a thoughtful interplay that results in intricate pieces of ambiguous poetry. Her work evolves in a series of linked paintings on canvas and paper, revealing the emotional journey it triggers as the story unfolds.

She explores the role of gender in society, the climate change emergency, the fragility of time, and the power of love and the spiritual. Her intention is to create art that creates a sense of possibility and makes the viewer feel connected and alive. In 2020, she co-founded Baron Grafton Arthouse together with her partner Keith Grafton, an art studio and online gallery to showcase their work to global collectors, art lovers and trade members. Maite Baron has exhibited in London, Paris, and New York and her work can be found in private residences in the UK and abroad.
Instagram: @maitebaron