Bubins Art

Gregorio Müller, aka Bubins, is a Swiss artist who lives and works between Lugano (Switzerland) and London (UK). Born in 1992, he has developed his own unique, distinctive and recognizable style ranging from pop art to street art and focusing on the continous experimentation of new techniques and visual applications in a market already saturated with copies of copies. His background of university studies in the field of communication and marketing are clearly visible through the aesthetics of his works with a clear advertising imprint and a strong emotional impact, which are nothing more than the result and the very testimonies of an artistic passion born at a tender age, refined over time, matured and officially materialized in 2021 with the opening of his first studio in Lugano. The continous references to pop culture and the contradictions of modern society are his interpretative lymph and integral part of his portfolio, summed up in an irreverent cynicism and a surprisingly bitter-tasting irony, which aim to wake up and make the interlocutor reflect. After all, isn’t this the ultimate aim of art itself?

Instagram: @bubins.art