Burdett, Eden

I use my textile art to critique the impact of both body art and of throw away society. My work is sewn together from old and recycled textiles. I enjoy retrieving and rescuing scraps of cloth its previous history adds value to my sculpture and collage. It gives me a sustainable process with a natural fibrous material. My fabric is both a cloth and a skin. The presentation of the person is important and there is a tension between the desire for distinction and a submission to discipline.

My work is made in a time of global crisis, of war; of pandemic and the danger of mass extinction it is a reflection of our present and uncertain future. Some of my work includes drawn and embroidered images of real people both alive and dead. They are images of outrage, of murder, imprisonment, excess and greed and frequently the neglected and marginalised. My childhood was spent with textiles, playing in the workshop of the clothes business run by my Mothers two sisters. I take inspiration from visiting Museums and Galleries and reading news reports, magazines and books including historical and cultural writing.

Instagram: @edenburdettartist