Chandra, Gaya

Gaya Chandrasekaran is a London-based contemporary artist. She was born in the southern Indian city of Chennai on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, a vibrant city where centuries-old traditions live in delightful harmony with rapid modernization. She grew up surrounded by bright and jubilant sounds and colors that have consistently inspired her creative pursuits. She loves learning new techniques and trained in India as well as in the UK at Slade School of Art.

She spent the past decade in corporate and investment banking in London. The meticulous approach from her banking career carries over into her art practice, where she employs deep precision in her textured artworks.

Her artworks are based on the themes of Quest, Soliloquy, Rebirth and Nirvana, which reflect key life moments and are an expression of her thoughts, emotions and experiences.

Gaya has exhibited widely in London including at the London Business School and Santander Corporate & Investment Banking, with publication in the Artist Talk Magazine, UK. She is a Resident with The Boomer Gallery, London for 2024-25. She held her first solo exhibition in London in 2018 and has since exhibited across the USA, Europe, and Asia in both physical and digital formats.
Instagram: @cgayas_art & @cgayasart