Conlon, Finn

Finn Conlon is a London based Irish sculptor. He works in stone, bronze and ceramics. He studied at the prestigious City and Guilds London School of Art, graduating in 2023.  Previous to his formal studies at The Art School Finn was a self-taught stone carver and part of the D15 stone carving collective. In 2012 Finn won the ‘Emerging Artist’ award with ‘Sculpture in Context’, Dublin Botanical Gardens and was represented by The Mill Cove Gallery in County Cork, Ireland. 

Finn’s recent work includes being short listed for the British Art Medal student awards 2022, being a runner up with the Drapers’ Company carving competition 2024 and participating in a three-week marble carving intensive residential with The Marble Workshop in Pietrasanta, Italy 2024.    

The ‘Untitled Artist Fair’ showcases a selection of Finn’s sculptures in London for the first time. The pieces chosen illustrate Finn’ s interest in the sculptor’s interpretations of the psychodynamics of the human psyche represented in abstract form, and are juxtaposed with polychromed letter-cut carved phrases that generate a sense of whimsical wonder and vitality in the viewer. 

Each piece included in the fair is meticulously crafted to invite tactile exploration and provoke thought. Finn believes that art should be more than just a visual experience; it should evoke emotions and inspire contemplation. Through his sculptures he aims to spark a sense of wonder in the viewer to encourage the viewer to engage with the artwork on a deeper, more personal level.
Instagram: #conlon_sculpture