Contu, Maria Cristina

I graduated from at the Art School in the 1989 and moved to Rome to continue my studies. In 1990 I launched my first and very successful Exhibition at “Il Colore” Art Gallery, with sixty Oil and Tempera paintings along with pencil drawing. My interest in colour and art techniques took me to Caltagirone and Palermo, in Sicily, where I’ve mastered the Techniques of Pottery Decoration with some of the best art teachers. In 1994 I opened my first Art Studio. Still fascinated by pottery I’ve enrolled myself at School of Arts of Romano Ranieri, who has been a life guide and a great Mestro. I attended his Ceramic Painting courses for over 10 years. During many summers, my garden has become the cradle of artistic events, masterclasses and courses with the most variegate students spending time in my villa for our Holistic and Art retreats.
Instagram: @Mediterraneart_london