Curtis Hughes, Mark

Mark Curtis Hughes is a London based artist and educator. He received his BA in Drawing and Applied Arts and MA in Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking at the University of the West of England before undertaking his teacher training at the Institute of Education. Mark’s works are a form of storytelling; he is interested in the narrative aspect within an image. The scenes are inspired by current affairs, folklore and his own experience, combined, chopped up or picked apart.
A papercut is sketched and planned beforehand, but other than a few guidelines the act of cutting is done spontaneously. This gives the work the energy of the fleeting moments and snapshots they portray. The act of cutting the paper is like an excavation. There is depth and meaning hidden beneath the surface. The imagery is shaped, the forms are exposed. Mark’s work explores the layers within our society, social interaction and interaction within a space. This world is all about flashing images and singular moments, recorded or remembered, and as papercuts they are uncovered and become artifacts.