Grafton, Keith

Keith Grafton is a British artist pushing the boundaries between traditional and digital contemporary art. He sees himself as an abstract-conceptual-surrealist artist who works digitally. His camera is his colour palette; he has built an extensive collection of images, which he reinterprets, manipulates, repositions or crops, through photomontage, poetry and digital painting and drawing to investigate how fashion, commercialisation, and technology impact the way we live, while exploring how love, hope and desire determine the way we feel. His art is characterised by the use of sharp defining colours, playful elements, high contrast patterns, and the integration of the human figure within everyday objects, text, and urban elements, to achieve an outer reality perspective that beckons viewers into the scene with a futuristic outlook.  His intention is to shift perceptions on contemporary issues by creating a space to reflect and make visible what is often overlooked.

Initially self-taught, he later trained in modern photography and image manipulation at the London College of Communication University of the Arts, and later on mixed media painting at Central Saint Martins University of the Arts in London, transitioning to a full-time studio practice after more than 30 years working as an IT systems architect for major investment banks in the City of London.

In 2020, she co-created Baron Grafton Arthouse together with his partner Maite Baron, an art studio and online gallery to showcase their work to global collectors. Keith Grafton has been exhibiting regularly on Artsy, on the metaverse and has participated in group exhibitions and art fairs in London. His work can be found in private residences in the UK and abroad.
Instagram: @keithgrafton