Hart, Liam

Liam’s practice travels through both drawing and painting, addressing the intersection between nature and the psyche. Utilising the fluid and diverse properties of both these medium’s, Liam explores the line between what is imagined and what is real in terms of the thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves and others. This line of inquiry seeks to question how one evaluates themselves compared against others’ perceptions.This questioning of what is real is cross-examined through the incorporation of both real and imagined aesthetics; investigating how memories, situations, and relationships with others can be shown, and to what levels of differing ‘reality’ can be ultimately depicted.

Using the home as the metaphor to explore this concept, Liam builds continuing narratives of relationships built through the depiction of fictional characters to explore ideas of mental health and identity. He channels this view within a home environment, which acts as a catalyst allowing him to evaluate the differing spaces where we learn to grow and operate as humans. It’s a place where our identity, character and value systems are built. Operating from this standpoint, his work is inspired by the encounters that he both experienced and witnessed. Then using these happenings to represent the adversity and struggle as a means to reflect upon how we’re inherently molded as entity’s within this world. What we step into, internalise, hang on to and perceive, are the approaches he considers to inquire into this journey.

Instagram: @liamhartstudio