Hodges, Abigail

An artist, print-maker and philosopher, depicting architectural, structural landscapes through the use of meandering continuous lines, outlines, and large scale screen prints. She completed BA Philosophy and Theology from Oxford University, and holds a diploma in Fine Art from the Cardiff Arts Academy. 

“I am inspired by the geometrical abstraction seen in the work of avant-garde artists in the early twentieth century and by the architecture of the places I visit in London. This leads to me placing both historic and modern buildings in a similarly non-illusionistic space in order to provoke a reflection of the emotion and awe that one feels under the power of these monumental buildings and landscapes. Each piece intends to capture the dynamic energy of the city, the business, noise, movement and chaos. I focus heavily on the accuracy of scale and composition present in architecture in order to turn away from pure photorealism and allow the viewer to project their interpretations and imaginations onto the scene through careful use of negative space. Undulating ink lines seek to contrast the formalisation of modern society and evoke the sense of the continual movement of the collective people present in these places. I aim to show that the significance of these places is subjective, projected onto them by the societies that give rise to them, and by the people that now live amongst them.”