Holovatiuk – Ungureanu, Yuliia

A painter and multidisciplinary artist. Originally from Ukraine, I have studied art at Borshchiv Art School in Ternopil Oblast, Western Ukraine. My educational journey took a diverse path, earning a Master’s Diploma in Law and an MBA from the Kyiv School of Economics. At 18, I began my career as a lawyer, eventually ascending to top management positions in Ukrainian companies. Despite my professional success, art remained a constant presence in my life.

When my family and I fled Ukraine in February 2022 due to Russia’s full-scale invasion, I reconnected with my artistic roots. Art became both a coping mechanism for stress and a means of expressing my inner world and emotions. My creative process often involves entering a state of deep meditation, which eases my mind and allows me to share this sense of tranquility with others. I have practiced meditation daily for 15 years, integrating it into my artistic practice before beginning each painting.

Art for me is not just an expression; it’s a meditative practice that I’ve embraced for years. This meditative state fosters a journey into thoughtless awareness, permeating my work with a profound sense of calm and introspection. My recent series, “Liberation,” epitomises this fusion of mindfulness and creativity. Crafted from homemade pigments and unconventional materials like sindoor and kumkum, each piece celebrates the resilience and empowerment of womanhood.

“Liberation” is not merely about individual beauty; it is a collective anthem of strength and solidarity. Through each stroke, I aim to evoke emotions and qualities unique to every woman, advocating for their empowerment in society. My art delves deep into the essence of humanity, particularly focusing on womanhood. It reflects on what brings inner tranquility and what fuels our struggles, offering a beacon of hope in turbulent times.

My goal is simple: to inspire viewers to confront radicalism, embrace empowerment, and emerge with a renewed sense of vigour and purpose. I aim to assist viewers in their journey to discover their true selves.

In essence, my artistic journey is a testament to the transformative power of creativity—a journey that transcends borders, celebrates diversity, and helps to find a real essence, a Spirit within.

As a multidisciplinary artist I am also working on projects that include different installations and paintings dedicated to Ukraine and the current realities faced by my motherland due to Russian war/aggression.


Instagram: @yuliia_art_uk_ua