Ignaczak, Edyta

Madpolka Design Studio is a passionate visual artist residing in London, United Kingdom.
Her art’s sole focus is to portray random people and nature through emotion and color. Her medium of choice is mostly acrylic paint, but she also explores oils, watercolour,ink, soft and oil pastels, paper compositions, creating with recycled objects and other mixed media.
Madpolka has maintained a lifelong dedication to art and creativity with projects in textile  and furniture design, interior design, floristry as well crafts.

Life can change in a moment, and the human ability to adapt and overcome is what helps Madpolka speak through the creation. Her work is a direct response to the unprecedented time we are experiencing and encapsulates the many stages of a certain period, and the emotions evoke a sense of wonder and introspection in those who view her art. Moving through Madpolka’s work, the feelings of fear, and worry are shown with colour palettes and brush language, but never with the obvious subject. Most of her paintings show a complicated way of building hope, happiness, and beauty by living simpler and easier lives.

Instagram: @madpolka_design_studio/