Johal, Miles

Abstract painting captures my total focus and interest, I started painting as a realism painter but grew to find it too limiting and formulaic. Abstract painting gives me the ultimate freedom of expression as the works often begin and develop from no preconceived ideas or strict compositions and thus what is created does not come from thinking or meticulous planning but spontaneous and conscious action. I feel creating in this manner gives works produced a special uniqueness and character. Many of my pieces in their final form are not recognisable as anything you may see with the naked eye, giving each individual person the opportunity to form their own unique interpretation of what is displayed. Others are more recognisable as land and sea, however I use these known forms very loosely when creating in this manner to keep in touch with that sense of mystery and wonderment. Overall I like to think that when I paint I am trying to always capture the essence of what lies beyond the realms of our everyday world we observe with the naked eye, a perspective or form we may not ever see or encounter apart from on canvas.”