Kenny, Brad

While many artists speak of their art as a form of expression, the freedom art offers Brad to explore the human experience-from the range of our emotions to the complexity of character and personal narratives-becomes a language all its own. Having dyslexia intensifies Brad’s reliance on art for expression; rather than being just another tool for communication, Brad’s art has become more powerful than words in describing the many aspects of modern life and the human experience.

Using expressionist elements coupled with abstraction and distortion, Brad depict the emotions and experiences that feel incomplete when put into words. Feelings of alienation or excitement and qualities like individuality or personality can be captured and highlighted in a painting. Using thick, often clearly visible and stark brushstrokes, Brad evokes the image of a whole entity composed of individual parts. With portraiture Brad emphasise and obscure aspects of the subject until a core emotion comes forth to connect with the viewer.

Its the feeling of capturing and amplifying the underlying emotion behind a scene or a face that makes Brad’s art a language more capable of expressing complexity and beauty than words.