King, Victoria

As a classical fine artist Victoria King incorporates the traditional painting and drawing techniques as used by Northern and Italian Renaissance master artists for example Vermeer, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael etc. Having researched these methods since 2011, ongoing research still fundamentally underpins her practice, to perpetuate the legacy of these artists and to establish links across time. Via the enduring method of the layering of pure pigments on stretched linen, in conjunction with different glazes, this offers an inherent stability, luminosity and depth of colour with translucent qualities.

“My paintings evolve slowly – as each stage of my painting is completed, a new layer builds upon the previous, towards a final composition and ultimate vision. In my Portraits I seek to capture the essential persona of the sitter, in relation to myself as the painter. Equally a drawing offers a quintessential profile of the sitter, offering subtle definitions of light and shade. In other work by referencing the work of historic Master Renaissance artists and embedding subjects within specific narratives for example my ‘The Cult of Beauty’ Temptation & Desire Project, this grounds my work, inviting the viewer to reflect – to seek meanings for themselves”. August 2021.

Instagram: vking098