Opalinski, Roman

Precious artworks inspired by different cultures and ancient traditions: Roman Opalinski masterfully connects the gold glories of Byzantine art and the aesthetic of eastern icons with a touch of French Impressionism.

Born in Western Ukraine, Opalinski grew up in between different cultures that in spired his way to create compelling boards with mix media. Since childhood he was surrounded by stunning landscapes and Ukrainian folk art.

He creates unique works on wood where the east meets the west: inspired by old orthodox icons Opalinski elaborates his stunning works in a way never seen before. Fairylike atmospheres and enchanted lands where graceful figures give life to stories which weave together. Artist gives us now emotions every time we admire his artworks, discovering the endless elements of a rich and articulated creative narrative, like in the ancient cycles of frescoes, we perceive a great storytelling, but focusing on specific areas of Opalinski’s boards we discover small sequences of fiction and several different figures, encased as gems in the precious golden background.

Stylistically, the Ukrainian artist has a characteristic uniqueness: he incorporates the frames into the cosmos of the story represented, painting the surface of that border untouched by other artists, creating a harmonic and intense masterpiece

Elena Foschi
Art Critic International Confederation of Art Critics. London