Oz, Hulya

Zoya Istanbul is a jewelry and design items brand, based in ancient imperial capital, Istanbul. which was created by architect Hulya Oz.

Hulya Oz was born in Istanbul in 1960. She has received her bachelor’s degree of architecture. After her education at Istanbul Technical University, Hülya Öz continued her professional life as a practicing architect for nearly 30 years.

Throughout her career, always researching different materials and experiencing new application techniques helped the formation of the brand. She received training on art history, sculpture and simplicity, which are her fields of interest. After learning traditional and modern jewelry production techniques for 10 years, she established her workshop. She combined Anatolian Seljuk Architecture and her passion for craft in ZOYA brand.

Established in 2015, each piece of jewellery is designed with unique stories and affirmations in mind at ZOYA Istanbul.

Today, Zoya Istanbul combines traditional and modern jewelry styles, her know-how as an architect, experience in sculpting and passion for understanding the world. The designer currently expands her skill set on craftsmanship and hand making techniques while continuing to create jewelry and sculptures at her studio.