Patterson, Marcia

Marcia is a part-time life drawing tutor at Bedford Arts and Crafts Centre and a full- time carer for her disabled adult son. Her higher education was in 3D Design however, the majority of her adult life  was spent in Community Care and later the care of her now adult disabled son. Any free time was spent in Adult Education classes honing her skills in life drawing and ceramic sculpture.

The issue of mental health has come to the fore generally. Her work channels into to that theme. She draws on her own personal experiences in order to explore the issues dealing with societal pressure and embracing ones perceived difference, by visually illustrating and thus acknowledging  the intense emotions that stem from these experiences. 

Her most recent project called ‘Within’, is figurative and emotive, with a strong sculptural element. The work has a solid 3D appearance. Lines are softened and suggest movement. The palette is consistent, muted and flips between high and low contrast depending on the background value. Composition is a fundamental part of her creativity. Marcia enjoys playing with dramatic angles and foreshortening. Her placement of the figure within the canvas is a major contributing factor to the narrative.  Her treatment of flesh is influenced by Lucien Freud and Jenny Saville. The ‘nod’ to abstraction is influenced by Francis Bacon’s self – portraits and goes some way to inspire the creation of strong uncompromising images. 

Marcia’s current work follows exhibited work in  London group shows.  The most recent being Hand Bag Factory, Vauxhall, for Swanfall Art.  CasildArt  Contemporary – Marble Arch, Great Portland St station for Art Innovations and Cromwell Place for Gallery OCA.
Instagram: @marci.sculpturalview