Pazzuello, Lorenzo

Born and raised in the Italian town of Udine, my passion for art was sparked by a family legacy of creativity: my grandfather, an oil landscape painter, planted in me the seed of love for art. Although being a self-taught artist, life has always found me with a brush or pencil in hand, expressing my vision of the world through paintings and sketches that capture the essence of the moment.

I am deeply drawn to abstraction, with a penchant for incorporating figurative elements. My artistic vision is driven by the desire not to impose a predetermined narrative on viewers, but to offer them the space to weave personal stories through my works. I firmly believe that art should invite dialogue and reflection, allowing each individual to find their own meaning and personal connection.

My artistic journey is an ever-evolving path, fueled by the relentless exploration of new techniques and inspirations from daily psychological struggles we all have. Each piece is a dialogue between me and the viewer, an invitation to travel beyond the boundaries of habitual perception and to discover new emotional and visual horizons together.
Instagram: lorenzo.pazzuello