Pring, Catherine

A London-based artist who completed a foundation course at Kingston Polytechnic, a degree in Printmaking at Canterbury College of Art and a post-graduate diploma at Cyprus College of Art.

Catherine is currently represented by Panter & Hall and sells work via Peggy’s online platform.

As with most artists, Catherine paints about the human condition. She paints people and there’s a story unfolding.

Catherine often uses myths and legends as a starting point for her paintings. Currently themes are largely inspired by Indian art and mythology, Greek myths, medieval illuminations and Tarot cards. But sometimes paintings come from real life, dreams or playful visualisation during meditation. Catherine works with her subconscious, she says that making art is a like dreaming, she switches her head off, gets into the flow and lets things suggest themselves. Catherine’s paintings are large-scale, bold and colourful. Sometimes the paintings come easily, straight away and the canvases have a light, printmakerly feel. Sometimes her paintings are built up in multiple layers, false starts that cause her to feel the need to spin the canvas and start again. These paintings tend to be more gestural, with rich areas of texture and unexpected patterns and colouring. Because of this, Catherine’s work has two distinct styles but the paintings still have the same flavour.
Instagram: @catherinepring