Regardsoe, Constance

An emerging artist, who was born in Preston, and is a largely self taught painter, developing her skills in oil paint instinctively. She began to exhibit professionally in 2020, and she was selected for six major exhibitions, and won the prestigious Bath Society of Arts Grand Prize and Young Artist Prize (the first time in the competition’s 117 year history that a recipient has won both awards). She was named as one of the top 125 exciting contemporary painters by Aesthetica in 2021, and by 2022 her work had entered private collections in the United Kingdom, Germany, Qatar and the United States. She has exhibited in London and New York, and was invited to Newfoundland to take part in the Pouch Cove residency program this August, where some of her resultant pieces will also be exhibited in the winter of 2022.

Her work involves water and bodies in water, and the intense and intricate distortions captured in fleeting moments. Constance is an avid wild swimmer, and seeks to use painting to convey the feelings of swimming outdoors. She interrogates the physical body of her swimmers, both celebrating it – showing it as a powerful tool that allows the figure to move with ease, but simultaneously conveying its vulnerability and fragility when compared with the vastness of the water surrounding it.
Instagram: @constanceregardsoe