Salvesen, Francis

A passionate and vibrant modern vision of British art, Francis’ oil paintings bring to life the stirring beauty of our best-loved landmarks, animals, traditions and characters. Cloud formations, seasons, radiant illumination and colours take us on a voyage of discovery around the British Isles, capturing momentary sunbeams of light and refracted layers of detail.
In addition to landscapes, Francis specialises in character portraits, focusing on the interplay of colour and personality. Creating a unique vision of his subject on the canvas, Francis immortalises how an image can outlast and convey more than any
momentary reality.
Francis has held a solo exhibition in London and been featured nationally across British galleries. His work has been included in numerous print publications and online media.
Most recently he was a finalist in the 2021 Muddy Stilettos Berkshire’s “Best Art Gallery” category, and the 2020 Royal Arts Prize.