I am an exhibitor from Japan. After graduating from an art college in Japan, I have been working mainly overseas.
My activities have taken me to New York, London, Spain, Denmark, Australia, and many countries. The number of collectors is increasing, including The Deputy Prime Minister of Denmark owning one of my works.
I use original ink that I made with Sumi (Japanese ink) and delicate Japanese paper and draw with two brushes.

Enjoy and feel the beat of the paintings.
I wish I can give the energy of living and peace to the people in the world.  At the root of my art is my identity as a Japanese who has treasured calligraphy. Unique Japanese cultural minimalism brings a spiritual wealth of the mental world from being blocked up in the materialistic society. The time that I rub down a Japanese ink stick leads me to a peace of mind from daily noises. Then, the moment when I bring brush down onto Japanese paper, stillness changes into dynamic energy. Having a room in the heart means being able to switch motion and stillness. If you have the space in your heart, I think people can relieve the self-centered idea and become thoughtful of others. I hope to make a world where people bring out each unknown possibility and help each other in all sincerity.