Sketch & Palette

I am passionate about drawing and painting as it gives me the window to my soul. I pay attention to fragile physicality that echoes in Scandinavian aesthetics of the artist’s compositions. I begin by drawing the figure first and then it’s surroundings brought in around up to it with an extensive additions and adjustments. The figure do not pass through the compositions but rather act with in the space that is identified as a field or zone. I sometimes stand back and observe what I painted and surely agree with my sense that I couldn’t set out to get such an effect.  It was something that happened while I was painting almost as if the paint did it on its own as I moved it about. This is why I feel real painting is a mysterious and continuous struggle with chance. I have learnt a distinct style of mark making through drawing. This is formed by studying at the Royal Drawing school to become familiar with possibilities of the medium. I explore by making marks using the medium’s extent with a different level of intensity. It doesn’t have to limit me to draw continuously with a similar motion of line. I break free by making decisions observing where it is essential to soften or link more sensitively with varied angles of the figure.
Instagram: @Printinfashion