Nicola Rabbett

Nicola is a British Artist with over 20 years experience as a professional Artist and Designer. 

Growing up in North Devon, surrounded by beautiful countryside and stunning coastline, has had a profound influence on her work as an Artist today. Many of her paintings and sketches take inspiration from the Devon & Cornish coastline and the wonderful landscapes in the South West. She often works by initially taking photographs to paint from, in order to capture a stunning seascape or to preserve that perfect cloud formation, encapsulating a moment in time. From her photographs, Nicola likes to work in a variety of different media and often paints in oils and watercolours but loves to sketch and draw with artists pencils.

Being a keen gardener, the flowers that Nicola grows in her garden are also an integral part of the creative process within the art that she creates today. Some of the larger canvases that Nicola has worked on, portray the bourgeoning beauty of blossom dappled with sunlight on a spring day. “To observe a flower in bloom, is the most wonderful thing – a perfect creation of nature, so beautiful and each one is truly unique”.

Studying at Winchester School of Art, Nicola obtained a BA Honours degree in Fashion & Textiles. Whilst there she developed a passion for fabric, pattern and above all, a love of colour. Colour and light are the most important qualities that influence every piece she creates. “Colour, light, texture and pattern often influence’s one’s mood and creates atmosphere”. Within each artwork Nicola tries to create an atmosphere or feeling, enabling the viewer to connect with a memory or perhaps be transported to the place depicted. 

During her time working as a professional Artist and Designer, Nicola has had many pieces published, both through uk based and international companies. Working with such clients as ‘Liberty of London’, ‘Unicef’, ‘Paperhouse’, ‘Ling Design’, ‘Pimpernel’, and ‘Rosenstiel’s’ to name a few.

The story continues with the production of her first independent collection of limited Edition Fine Art Prints, taken from her original coastal, still life and floral paintings. Alongside this, she continues to work on  private commissions and selling her original paintings and drawings to collectors via artist exhibitions and through her on-line store.