Asia Rose

Where Abstract Spiritual World Meets Physical Earthly World Is Called Life; And Art Is The Bridge.

My work is about humanity, thinking, philosophy and art.

Born in 1970, my Taiwanese cultural background, marriage into an African family, my role as a mother, living in the UK, my Christian relationships and life itself, together find expression in my work.

For me, the act of creation is like an exploration, an adventure, a meeting, a dialogue; not simply about skilful repetition.  To me, new elements, and brain storming when facing challenges during creative process are sources of joy, life giving and an essential part of “original” art.

In this exhibition, there will be photographs, oil and sculptures.

As a mother of three, photography was an easy way out for my creative energy, and the least disruptive at the time. It led to the inspiration of “Art in the Kitchen”. To me, photography is about seeing.

As my children grew up, I have found a special bond with sculpture, especially stone carving. I find this connection intriguing, with endless possibilities of conversation through the inherent language of the stones themselves. Working with stone is like connecting dots between past and future, meeting in the action of the present. An action of carving through time and with time, of transcendence.