Chris Macfarlane
Thank you so very much for all of your invaluable assistance in preparing me for the fair at the weekend. Your expertise in handling the logistics, planning and in organising the event were greatly appreciated and definitely helped in making the day such a success for me. Including residual sales since the show, my total items sold so far comes in at 13 items – which is a huge achievement for my first time putting myself on the stage for the world to see. As a first timer I had no idea what to expect in exhibiting my work but I was very impressed by the smooth organisation. I really appreciate your help and advice, and I am sure I will be contacting you for future fairs.

Sandra Turnbull
I had 20 on the wall and I sold 10. Congratulations, that was no mean feat to organise so many artists under one roof; amazingly well done with covid and safety in mind without detracting from the wide variety of art displayed. The show was well attended despite the pandemic. The opening night was humming and my stand C56, near the bar, was a big success. My invited guests enjoyed the experience and bought work to show their appreciation. Well done, you created a successful Art Fair, here’s to many more.

Susanne Ballinger
It was my first ever art fair and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. You were very approachable and always replied to may emails straight away which put me at easeThe organisation was very good with regards to instructions regarding dropping off of artwork, setting up the space etc. It’s also great that newbies like myself got given the opportunity to sell my art without gallery representation and without you taking commission. I was happy with my space and the walls and lighting were good.

Denise Williams
I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for accommodating my work in the Untitled Art Fair. I was rather worried as I had not at this stage in the year budgeted for the event. I took a chance and it paid off, my work was welcomed and praised. In fact 5 customers claimed I was their favourite artist in the whole show. I met the most amazing people. All in all it was a most enjoyable event. Congratulations!!!

Thank you! Your organisation of this event has been BRILLIANT! Every request has been prompt and exact to the finest detail. Last year was great but this year it has been BRILLIANT! Organized by an Artist for all Artists is the answer!

Philips-Mclean Mosaics
The Untitled Artists fair was a fantastic experience for me, this was in fact the first time my art had left my studio… ever! I had spent around £1200 on stand 17 which was a big risk but I looked at it as a long term investment, Thankfully I sold lots of my art over the course of the weekend to easily recoup my investment, additionally I made loads of contacts within the art world including galleries both in the UK and abroad. Since last years event I am now selling my art in 5 countries other than the UK, I have also just returned from a 6 week solo exhibition [artist in residence] in Italy that came on the back of that event too. It was a very, very successful event for me and I have already booked again. My advice to anyone thinking of exhibiting with Untitled is this…. have a niche, be confident in your sell, don’t clutter your stall…

Helen Fox
opening night at the Untitled Artists’ Fair at Chelsea Old Town Hall. So much talent with some of my favourite people within.

Nicola Troll
Thank you to everyone involved with the Untitled Artists’ Fair last weekend, from visitors to fellow artists, buyers to organisers. 

Nicola Rabbett
atmosphere at the Untitled Artists’ Fair on the Kings Road. Fabulous to meet my fellow artists and lovely to meet all the people who have visited over the last few days. Chelsea was an amazing show to do. I met so many lovely people from varied walks of life, all of whom, just adore art. I met people form all over the world, from Italian art dealers, interior designers, graphics and art students, people form the corporate world of business and of course my fellow artists from the show. All of them absolutely fascinating to talk to. By attending these shows I love the fact that your art has the potential to end up in the most unusual and customs places.  

Stephanie Davies-Arai
The whole Fair was immensely enjoyable and productive, and the organisers and staff were friendly, helpful and always available. E-mail communications were efficient from the moment of booking the stand, information was readily available and everything was taken care of and made easy for the artist. The promotion and marketing was faultless as the resulting numbers attending testified. I enjoyed the fair very much and made some good contacts, thanks very much for fantastic organisation and promotion and a good café.

Brad Kenny
Big thank you to all those who attended. There were some wonderful new characters that I met and interesting conversations. Looking forward to the next show!

Colin Merrin
One of the best art fairs I’ve been involved with.  A well located venue with pretty much everything going according to plan. The stands were excellent and the standard of work throughout was of very good quality. The consistent flow of people through the doors all through the weekend was particularly impressive and good to see there was plenty of champagne at the private view. I sold well at the fair but I’ve sold more since, as people have contacted me afterwards to buy paintings. I also had interest from two galleries. Regarding booking the same stand for next year; yes please.

Elisabeth Hoff
Thank you to everyone who came and supported me last night at the ePrivate View. It was a massive success with several print sales, an amazing start.

Jennie Ing
The Untitled Artists Fair this year was a big investment for me to undertake being fairly new to selling my work, but it paid off.  I’m a printmaker selling limited edition prints which aren’t highly priced. I sold 17 pieces over the weekend with another sale followed up afterwards. I covered my costs, and went into profit, so I was well pleased. With queues of up to 45 minutes on the preview night I found the atmosphere overall lively, and I had loads of favourable comments about my work and interest from two galleries which I have now followed up, leaving work with them, and a further lead of a possible show in a city bank, and a probability of leaving work with a further gallery. You gave me some good advice when I was booking about making money selling prints. Approaches have also been made through my details being on the Untitled website, and I found the camaraderie and networking with other artists invaluable as always at Art Fairs. It was definitely my best experience at fairs to date and I will be back next year.

Jenny Ing
I sold more pieces than last year.  Also my sales by card were higher this year. A big Thank You to your team, they were great, especially those in the pay and packing area, who were not only lovely but very helpful too. Again I had a great bunch of people around me which helped make the weekend enjoyable. For me, again, it was a great fair, thanks for all your help, and for organizing it, and look forward to seeing you again next year.

Laura Izaguirre
I can’t believe there were so many visitors!!!

Gail Bolliger
The turnout of the Fair was excellent.  The atmosphere was exciting, the interest was so encouraging. I felt I had received the recognition for my work that I had wished for with the tremendous feedback. I made one good sale and one possible so I’m very interested for next year and would like to make a bid for the two stands adjacent to mine. I would like to have A50 and A51. Thank you, I have enjoyed exhibiting my work with the Untitled Artists Fair, it has been brilliantly organised by you and your team.  I wish you much continued success.

Tina Reed
The Untitled Art Fair was a fantastic success for me. I came over from Ireland for the Fair and sold 9 paintings over the three days and I was approached by 5 UK galleries who were interested in my work. It was also great fun meeting all the other artists and a very useful way to connect and exchange contact details.

Lin Osborn
Thanks for the fair!! I did very well and would like to do it again next year.

Mandii Pope
I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you so much for an amazing opportunity at the Untitled Artist’s Fair the other weekend.  Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate the doors that are opening from the exposure due to your show. Your team are professional, organized and were always prepared to go the extra mile.  Can you please book me in again for November up on the stage.

Annick Mckenzie
Dear Robert, thank you so much for all your hard work and wonderful event.  As you know I am a fan and already have reserved for next year!!!  You are a star!

Rosy James
The number of visitors exceeded expectations, all giving very positive feedback about the event and the standard of work, creating an exciting atmosphere and putting the Untitled Art Fair on the map as something not to be missed.

Steve Yeates
I was very happy with the fair and have no complaints. I would like to reserve the same stand for next June if free.

Scott Swinson
It was a great Art Fair and have had some major commissions since the weekend. My total sales over the weekend was £1950 [5 paintings] with more than that sold since the weekend [11 paintings].

Sally Bamber
My Congratulations and thanksThe report back to me from my colleague has been a surprising one. This has been an event to advertise my work, spread my potential client base and make new contacts – this has been achieved, including an enquiry from a gallery and potential commission of a portrait. I have sold three works too. It has also enabled me to hear the positive and unique comments from visitors, both directly and indirectly. I will seriously consider doing it again. I think your achievement here is considerable in terms of communication to artists and promotion of the artists and the event. Chris and I have put together intense conferences very recently and have an understanding of what work you have put in on our behalf. 

Anouk Van Tetering
It was a great success the art fair, many thanks for organising it.

Trudy Good
I just wanted to drop you a quick line and thank you for the hard work that you and your wonderful staff put into the fair.  How on earth you managed to get so many people through the doors on such a hot day is amazing. Anyway, as I mentioned, your staff were brilliant, so helpful, and cheerful and positive… I liked them all – they were a credit to you.

Algimantas Ramanauskas
Thank you for excellent organized Art Show. I have nice time showing my art works for such big audience in the venue of Chelsea. I was surprised to see the queues of people who wanted to attend the show. People still love the art. It is amazing!

Claudia Rankin
Thank you for all your hard work on our behalf it was a really good experience, everything seemed to run smoothly & your team were always on hand.

Emma Coyle
I just wanted to thank you for organising the Artists Fair so well last week. I got loads of contacts and a few commissions from it.

Jonty Hurwitz
It was great to meet you eventually, after all the calls and emails and thank you for a great few days at the Fair. It was very exciting and so well organised and Jonty had loads of great feedback. Probably unlikely that we will do the fair twice this year but keep us updated for next June and for any other opportunities that you think may be relevant.

Kate Colebrook
Thank you for a really well organised fair. It was lovely to exhibit and meet so many other artists.

Alison Rankin
Very well organised and well attended fair, I had lots of interest in my work and made good sales at the time and have also subsequently received a very good commission for two paintings. I am looking forward to next year’s fair.

Izabela Kaliszewska
I was given the immense pleasure of being one of the 177 artists who were invited to take part in the Untitled Artists Fair. I exhibited my paintings there and was one of the artists who sold their artwork. It was a pleasurable 3 days during which I discovered a new doorway into the world of art and people who love it and work around it.  The bustling, artistic atmosphere in the Chelsea Old Town Hall was magnified by the immense number of visitors on the first day of the Fair. I had an opportunity to converse with potential buyers, fellow Artists and art admirers and speak about my work. I also met many people from International Galleries, of whom some showed interest in my style of work.”

Charles Borrell
The Untitled Artists Fair was an Experience that I was privileged to be part of. The atmosphere blessed by the Gods and with sales, Gallery interest and Client response… I can’t wait for the next event!  Yia Mast!!  [To Our Health].

I would like to thank you and your team for all the hard work you put in for the Untitled Artists Fair! Even though there were a few teething problems I felt it was an overall success! It was very beneficial for me in many ways [sales, contacts, feedback] and I would like to book a stand for the next Art Fair! Thanks again for all your help and support.

Charles Borrell
A truly irresistible experience and a privilege to be part of such an event, to meet and be inspired by such diverse talent. Really is building the foundations of an art community which gives us the opportunity to reach beyond our expectations. I look forward to next year’s event full of anticipation. Thanks Robert & Team.

Charles  Borrell
Just want to say, a Huge Thank you to you and your team for a delicious and joyous Art Fair. It has been very successful for me yet again, with contacts, weekend & private sales and commissions, looking forward to seeing you again in the November Untitled Art Fair.

Juliet Eardley
Robert delivered; Opening Friday Night – queues were round the corner of fashion-conscious-the-place-to-be Chelsea. During the rest of Untitled Fair punters streamed through buying or musing, there was never a dull moment.

Elspeth Penfold
I just wanted to say thank you for the great organisation at the Fair over the week end. Josh is amazing, very professional my last glimpse of him was directing traffic in the rain…. he couldn’t have been more helpful, so big thank you to Josh. I am enclosing my invoice for the pieces I sold. For your records [I’m not sure if you keep a tally of sales…] I sold four other pieces.

Peter Wait
Congratulations! I was most impressed with the organisation and success of the Untitled Artists Fair. Calm in its preparation but a buzz of interest and excitement during the event itself. May it long continue.

Wendy Skinner-Smith
I hope to see you again in the not too distant future and congratulations. I was impressed at the industry and organisation and the foot fall could not be beat.

Suz Hartman
A big thank you for organising the fair!  I was more than happy!

Anne Whaley
Thank you again for the well organised event. I have run events for artists in the past and I thought your team did a very good job.

Alan Wallis
This was my 2nd year showing at Untitled. It is a well run show with excellent lighting at a prime venue in London. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of sales I made in spite of the difficult economic climate.

Thank you so much for the organisation of the Untitled Art Fair last weekend, it was my first art fair experience and I found it so well organised and everyone really helpful I would certainly like to come back next year. I managed to sell one piece of art over the weekend and I was absolutely thrilled; I understand that I need to provide you with my bank details for payment.

Zoe Clements
Thank you so much
for the organisation of the Untitled Art Fair last weekend, it was my first art fair experience and I found it so well organised and everyone really helpful I would certainly like to come back next year. I managed to sell one piece of art over the weekend and I was absolutely thrilled; I understand that I need to provide you with my bank details for payment.

Timothy Sutton
Just a quick email to thank you for a very well run Art Fair.

Gráinne Galvin
A huge Thank You for the great opportunity to exhibit at the Art Fair and I think it was a great success.”

Irene Malvezi
Congratulations!! It was really good and I enjoyed it a lot.

Clare Osborne
What a wonderful experience. The whole weekend was so well run, a big thank you to all who helped.

Justine Van De Weg
Thank you Robert for your amazing organisation, time and effort – something I haven’t seen in a long time and much appreciated.

Linda Nissen Samuels
Just a short note to say thanks for the wonderful evening last night. You and your team obviously spread the word ands the turnout was tremendous!

Laila Shour
I would like to Thank You for the great exposure in the Fair. I appreciate the chance that we had, and thank Liz for all the hard work that she put in too.

Gordon Faulds
Thanks for a great Art Fair in Chelsea last weekend.

Mona Choo
I want to thank you for organizing what was a really good art fair. The response to my work was very positive, I met plenty of interesting people and artists, managed to acquire a few fans, and sold some work. I have no doubt too, that there is potential to further develop the contacts that I made during the fair. So all up, it was definitely a good experience.

Quentin Reynolds
Having recently completed my first art works I was lucky to come across an advert for the Untitled Artist Fair at Chelsea Town Hall. Following a discussion with the event organisers I was able to secure a space that suited both my work and my limited budget. The fair was a great success for me; I made my first sale and have been commissioned for works by contacts made at the fair.  The event was well run and the organisation faultless, I will be looking forward to returning.

Tim Rose
I felt the art fair was a well conceived and well organised event which has a lot of promise for the future. The visitor attendances were very good throughout the weekend and the staff were helpful and willing to make adjustments as and when needed. I felt you made a very good start and I am sure it will become a successful event on the London art scene calendar.

Manuel Noguera
I think the show at Chelsea when very well; I was impressed of how many people came through the doors, well done, fantastic response. It was great to meet so many fellow artists and exchange ideas and views on art. Thank you.

Lynne Hacking
Congratulations on the organization of the Fair.

Vicky Scott
Thanks, it was a really good fair!

Joe Cousin
I congratulate you and your staff for a really good show for me.

Tony Owers
Thank you and your staff Robert. I did better this year than last year.

 Zoe Hutchison
Well done with Untitled, I thought it was hugely successful!

Belinda Moore
Thanks for everything. I had a lot of good responses from everyone.

Jenny Beavan
I think that you did ‘wonders’ with your database and publicity!

Julia Forte
Many Thanks and Congratulations on the show.

Brian Hodgson
Excellent atmosphere with plenty of people around most of the time.

Sywretta Bernard
I had an excellent evening. Thanks so much!!!!! Fantastic!

David Welsh
I could see how much work you must have put in to put this show on, and I give you 1O out of 1O for effort. Your preparatory emails were really helpful, and the whole organisation of the set-up was excellent.

Anna Maryniak
Great Organisation.

Menna Agharad
An interesting and enjoyable eventThe turnout of visitors was impressive, almost too many at times!  The atmosphere was friendly and supportive among the artists showing and it was good to meet members of the public who were interested in our work.  I’ve had several subsequent enquiries showing interest in my painting.

Edith Laier – Visitor
I had never bought any works of art before; however, at the Untitled Artists Fair at the Chelsea Town Hall I couldn’t resist and bought my first ever original drawing. The prices were very reasonable as artists didn’t have to pay commission to the organizer and could afford to sell their work more cheaply than they would at other fairs.  There was a huge variety of art catering for all tastes and pockets. In fact, my friend was so impressed that she went back the following day to buy a painting she had seen.

Alison Dunhill
Congratulations on a finely organised event! Everybody on your team was really pleasant and helpful and the atmosphere throughout was very good. I had a great response to my work and renewed my contact with my former London Gallery, whose owner attended the VIP reception.

Rebecca Scott
I thought your organization has been very thorough

Maria Tukhas
Thank you for such a lovely experience.

-Helena Marconell – Visitor
Thank you very much; I saw the exhibit this year, how impressive and such good quality artists, well done.

Tamsin Dearing
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Untitled Artists fair, it was a great event to be involved in and I learned a lot and met some amazing people.

Adjani Klinsman
It was a great experience for me And i do appreciate the effort that was put into the organization!

Shiri Achu
It was a great experience. Thank you.

Linda O’Grady
I’m glad to see that the Artists fair has grown to be a great success for you

Thank you for organizing a stall for Oleg at the last minute, I really appreciate it. The show was a success for us and we have been able to link up with interested buyers, national and international galleries and off course with other artists!

Marques De Caceres Wine – Sponsor
Thanks again for everything on Friday; it was a pleasure to be part of such a brilliant event, with overall a good caliber of attendee and pretty much spot-on same target demographic as wine consumers. Many of the attendees were already Marques de Caceres customers, but it was great to show them the Rose which many weren’t as familiar with. So thank you for a valuable partnership.

Quentin Reynolds
I would like to thank you for the opportunity of exhibiting at The Untitled Art Fair last week. Despite the weather, and the Jubilee Celebrations I thought that the turnout was very good. I had a lot of interest and have had a number of enquiries for commission work while a few others are deciding on buying pieces that were on show.

Sending out a team to capitalize on those leaving the Jubilee was a stroke of genius and I witnessed numerous sales generated as a result which would have been lost if in the hands of someone who was less organized.  Again many thanks and I look forward to next year’s event.

Elizabeth English – Visitor
I was impressed by the variety and quality of the artworks at the Untitled Artists’ Fair. It’s great to see such a display of undiscovered talent, and I enjoyed the private view very much. Thank you!

Raziye Parmley
Thank you for all your efforts and your staff who were very helpful. I enjoyed the experience and met a lot of interesting artists. I would definitely do it again. Thanks again.